Monday, 31 March 2014

Day 2 - St. Patrick's Day

   Bit of trivia for you: I was due on St Patrick's Day, and that is why I am named Patti. The other name my parents were considering for a girl was Clair, so I am eternally grateful to St Patrick. (Say Clair Waters out loud, yeah that would never get old.)

   Our big adventure for the day was going to the California Academy of Sciences, which was way more awesome than it sounds. The main attraction there was this huge rainforest exhibit that was filled with plants and birds and butterflies all open and flying around you. We saw this guy:

  There were also lots of creatures on display in smaller terrariums (terraria? if you took latin you know thats right) like these guys:

We also went on a bit of a shopping expedition, and rode the old fashioned trolley on the way back. We were totally holding onto the sides for dear life as the trolley rocketed down the steep streets of San Francisco. It was fun, but a bit scary at times!

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