Monday, 24 March 2014


   Before leaving on my honeymoon I thought I would do a little something for Ravelry to celebrate. I thought I would make all of my patterns free to download, and then maybe a few people would notice and I would see a few more projects from my designs on Ravelry. I never would have predicted one tenth of the response this promotion got!

The first few days I would periodically look at my phone, and see another one or two download emails. Then this happened:

Thankfully I was on wifi at this moment. If we had purchased a travel pack of data, and I had used most of it up receiving these emails my new husband would not have been impressed. But our hotel had free wifi, so I wasn't worried. What was worrisome was that receiving this many emails made impossible for me to find any of my personal emails, and it was beginning to crash my poor little phone. I set up a new email for my patterns, and set it up so that all the download emails went there.

So glad I did that because by the end of this promotion several of my patterns had over 18,000 downloads! What was even better was that my inbox was still getting flooded, not with the automatically send emails but with messages from knitters saying thank you and with lovely wishes for my honeymoon ands marriage. From the volume of messages I received on Ravelry, in my email, and now they were coming to my new email as well I would estimate that 1 out of every 10 people who downloaded my patterns either wrote to me directly, commented on one of my patterns, or linked my profile in a discussion thread on Ravelry. One out of every ten!

   So I decided that when I got home I would start blogging. Over the next few days I will be answering some of the frequently asked questions in your messages and telling you a bit more about my honeymoon and myself. The first thing I want to say to you all is thank you. Thank you for downloading, thank you for messaging, thank you for your many wishes of happiness etc, and thank you for knitting!

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