Tuesday, 25 March 2014


I was wondering where I should start, and it hit me, the beginning, duh. Just over five years ago I moved to Canada to get my MA in psychology. I was following my undergraduate thesis advisor, and didn't know anyone else in Canada when I moved. Of course I met people at school, but I knew I needed to find my tribe, the knitters. Shortly after arriving and getting more or less settled, I signed on to Ravelry and looked for local knitting groups. The closest one I found was in a coffee shop at the centre of town, so I showed up one night. I ended up meeting that night the man who would be my husband, the woman who would be my maid of honour and the man who would be my husband's best man. That night I realized I would be ok here in Canada, I had found the people who could make this place feel like home. Here they are:
Emily, with knitting, a coffee, and her cell phone. That's her. (Maid of honour)

 Joel, I think he's got a cat there. It might be my Steven. Apparently we never photographed Joel much, cause thats the only picture I could find. (Best man)
And this is my Alex. Yup he knit that sweater himself. Sorry, ladies, he is taken! (Pattern is from a Patons classic booklet, and yarn is Patons Canadiana)

And just to be fair, here is a picture of me from back then as well. (That's a Rogue Hoodie I am wearing out of Cascade Sierra.)

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