Sunday, 30 March 2014

Day One

   If the success of a marriage was based on the number of people that offered their well wishes, congratulations, and general positive energy, Alex and I would be set. The number of people who have taken the time to send positive messages our way has been staggering. I know I am not the first to say this, but knitters are good people. I wish I could address some heartfelt thank you's to each and every message that has come my way, but I think my fingers would fall off from all the typing. Also, when would I have time to knit? So I hope that many of you will find my thank you here, and I will continue to regale you about our honeymoon.

   We arrived in San Francisco very late the day after our wedding. We checked in at the hotel, and collapsed. In the morning we got up bright and early, something we do not usually do but 3 hours of jet lag that makes what feels like 11am actually turn out to be 8am will do that to a person. We had decided that our first day here would be for exploration only. We would not commit to any particular plan or activity, allowing us a break to just relax and take it all in.

   We found a beach!

   A little history: I grew up in Massachusetts, and my father grew up on the island of Martha's Vineyard, long before it was a popular tourist destination. Shortly before I was born my parents bought a small plot of land in Edgartown and built a little house. They hired an electrician and a plumber, but the majority of the work they did themselves. All this is to say that I grew up spending every summer on Martha's Vineyard, but not in the tax bracket you might imagine would align with such a childhood. I love the ocean, and living in Toronto I miss it terribly. People make a big fuss about this lake we have, but its not the same. Nothing smells like the ocean. Even this ocean, which is not the ocean I grew up with, filled the little hole in my heart that gets bigger every time I hear the word beach used in reference to a lakeside sandbar. 

   So we found a beach, a real ocean beach. It smelled like the beach. I immediately removed my shoes and put my toes in the water. There is nothing on this earth that feels quite as right to me as sand between my toes and ocean waves lapping at my heels. Eventually Alex pried me away from the water, and we walked around some more. 

   In the afternoon we took a ferry tour of the bay, and we spent the evening wandering around the tourist trap of Fisherman's Wharf. All in all it was a great day, nothing too involved and a leisurely pace. Very relaxing. 

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