Thursday, 3 April 2014

Day III Drive

    So I can't commit to a numbering scheme, I like variety anyways...

   One of the things Alex was most looking forward to was driving along the California coastline. So we rented a Ford Mustang, which apparently are all rental cars. And we drove twisty roads that had giant cliffs off the side and no guard rails even on the bridges. I was a wreck the entire time, and if it weren't for the few breaks we took to admire the scenery and take photos I probably would have passed out. But the pictures were gorgeous!


   But before we got to these twisty roads of death and the lovely vistas, we headed to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. As we were driving through a mostly residential area, I suddenly cried out "Yarn Store!" like a sailor calling out "Land!" I hadn't been in a yarn store in over a week through all our crazy planning and wedding stuff. Fortunately Alex knew exactly whom he had married, and without argument or question he found a place to park. 
   The Twisted Stitch is a lovely little shop. We found some lovely hand dyed sock yarn, some of which came home with me and some ended up as a gift for my maid of honour. 

   Pictures a little fuzzy, but one of those skeins is already gone, so thats the only one with all three. Then we went to the aquarium. There were some really great tanks with fish and sharks and jellies, but my favourite was this guy:

   He moved around quite a bit. It was awesome. 

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